I am an Architectural Designer with experience in cultural research, design, consulting and project management .

Samantha lives in and practices in Sydney. I have a multi-cultural background with European and Wiradjuri descent.

Samantha has a focus on addressing systemic housing needs facing many remote and regional communities. She has been working with the community-led partnership called Yuwaya Ngarra-li for the last few years looking at multiple housing needs in the Walgett community. She is interested in the role that housing can play in supporting reciprocal relationships embedded in Indigenous culture to care for people, communities and Country.

As an architectural designer, I have a passion to further First Nations’ perspective, culture and history in the design of buildings and the broader built environment. This has informed my practice and through my experience working across diverse typologies of health, housing, urban design and infrastructure I have developed skills into creating culturally sensitive design and engaging authentically with First Nations Communities. I am deeply interested in the intersections of social and cultural factors that can provide breadth and depth to these places to make them uniquely embedded in the characteristics and story of place.

David Gough (left) and Samantha Rich (right) in front of the palawa lina they designed for MONA FOMA in 2020